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Producing high quality face masks

Habimec Vietnam is one of the pioneer companies in Vietnam investing in factory construction, importing equipment, antimicrobial paper production technology and manufacturing medical clothing, industrial factories, and export products. clothing for disease prevention … according to German technology, bringing high efficiency, safety in operation and friendly with the environment. The Habimec Vietnam’s non-woven antibacterial paper and mask production factory is located in Quang Minh Industrial Park, 25km from the center of Hanoi, 10km from Noi Bai international airport. Licenses of Habimec Vietnam include CE, FDA and ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 13485: 2016.
Our output products are non-woven antibacterial paper and mask weighing from 15mg to 120mg / m3, tested at the National Food Testing Institute (NIFC) and given the result “Bacterial filtration efficiency. “Reached over 99%. Nonwoven antibacterial paper and mask have anti-dust, effective waterproof properties and are widely used in the medical field, manufacturing skin care products, surgical clothing, masks, and protective clothing. medical, napkins, etc.
In particular, we created a closed circle of antibacterial masks made from antibacterial paper from Habimec Vietnam, certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and “Conformité Européenne” of Lien. European Union (CE).
The input material process is disinfected with EO technology 20m3 that meets CE and FDA standards, which are circulated globally.
A system of production machines with advanced European technology produces products with global quality standards and quality.
Our products have received many quality certifications from the world’s quality control organizations.
Our products include masks for health, masks for industry, masks for disease prevention …
Especially NH95 mask is designed with 5 layers of dust, bacteria, anti-drop …
With two factories of the company we are capable of producing and supplying large quantities.
The supply capacity of our company with products
NH95: 3,000,000 units / day.
Masks HM99: 3,000,000 units / day.
99% antibacterial paper: 20,000kg / day.
Medical mask: 6,000,000 pcs / day.
Our company is always a reliable address and a good partner with many customers in Vietnam and around the world.

Our company is very thankful for the cooperation of our customers.

Face mask packing
Inclastion machine for production face mask

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